Parenting is already a tough job. Singlehood makes it more difficult. If you’re a single parent and looking for a companion that can apprehend what you’re facing, SingleParentMatch claims to lend a helping hand.

This is an online dating platform that connects like-minded single parents and helps them to create a new family together. At this platform, single moms and dads can create their profile and hunt for suitable partners. But, does SingleParentMatch dating site really work? Has anyone benefited from this website? How useful it is? 

In this SingleParentMatch review, we will try to find out all these and many other related answers and give an honest review. 


SingleParentMatch – Helping You in Your Soul-partner Searching  

Available since 2001, SingleParentMatch is an online dating website that is helping single parents to find the soul mates that can be by their sides. It is an ideal place where single parents can share life experiences with others.

Because of its unique concept, it is loved by people across the world. In the past six months, there were 500,000 unique visitors to this website. Its users belong to the 18-55 age groups while the age group of 35-45 prevails. Most of the users belong to this age group.  

The majority of its users come from the USA. However, considerable traffic comes from places like India, South Africa, and the Czech Republic.

Who all can get benefitted from SingleParentMatch facilities? 

SingleParentMatch dating site is ideal for every single parent who is serious about having a committed relationship. If you’re into casual dating then this website has nothing to offer as most of its members either are the parents of middle or senior age or individuals who are looking for a serious relationship.

Is there any free version? 

Online dating apps or websites generally offer both free and paid versions. SingleParentMatch is no exception. There is a free version available but don’t expect to have full freedom while you pay nothing. The free version comes with restricted access. The profile that you will be able to view will not be the creme-dela products. They would be casual ones. Also, you can’t send messages to others in a free version. 

One more issue that you might face with the free version is unlimited ads that will make your browsing experience a bit hindered. Honestly speaking, if you are seriously looking for a partner then go for a paid version. That would be a wise move to make. 

The paid subscription is full of benefits like unlimited messages, reverse matches, advanced search filters, and better profile security. 

single dad with son

How good is the customer support?

Not everyone has a rich experience in using online dating apps. Some are novices as well. For such people, SingleParentMatch has dedicated customer support.

Expert Summary – SingleParentMatch is an easy and trustworthy way to get connected with like-minded people if you’re a single parent. With a user-friendly interface and stringent privacy policy, it makes browsing utterly safe.

Is it always a good deal?

No deal can ever be an all-good deal. There are always two sides, a good one and a bad one. The same thing happens with SingleParentMatch. There are some pros and cons of this single parent online dating website. We are giving a quick and crisp overview of both of them.

Pros of SingleParentMatch
  • Verified and duly-checked profile to reduce the chances of scammed profiles
  • Members can create their own blogs and share life experiences
  • Only registered members can view the profile details
Cons of SingleParentMatch
  • There is no app support for Android users
  • Website demands sign-up for everything

How does the service work?

Finding a partner that can help you in your parenting journey with the least possible efforts sounds interesting. Isn’t it? SingleParentMatch does a commendable job on this front. After successful registration, each member can create a profile, look for a suitable partner, chat with them, and take their virtual relationship to a whole new level.

Users can create blogs, and post in the forum. People can share their life experiences on this platform and connect with like-minded people.

How easy or tough is it to start the sign-up process?

Honestly speaking, signing-up with SingleParentMatch is a cakewalk. All you need to do is to visit the website and click on the “Free Sign-up” button. Doing so will take you to a new page wherein you need to fill in details like name, age, email address, phone number, and other fields to create your profile.

Give your consent to “Privacy Policy” and you need to verify the code sent by the SingleParentMatch. The last step of the registration process includes selecting the username and password. You need to give a quick summary of your life story so that other members can know you a little better.

single mom with daughter

What are the Search Filters?

You can search the profiles as per the details like zip code, area, age, sexual orientation, number of children, and gender. These search filters will make the partner hunting a lot swift and quick.

Using the search functionality of SingleParentMatch, it will become easy for you to narrow down the options. Because the portal will list numerous profiles in front of you, it is always better to use the search feature and choose the profiles which match your likes and location.

How good is the Messaging system?

Its messaging system is quite good as there is a hefty in-built library of stickers and emojis. Whatever is in your mind, you can share it with stickers. The free version doesn’t allow users to send messages. Only subscribed users have this facility. So, your inbox won’t be filled with spams.

How good is the mobile app?

If you’re an iOS user then you will be happy knowing that SingleParentMatch offers a mobile app for you that you can download from the iTunes store for free. There is a direct link for this available on the webpage.  

As soon as you will click on the link, you will be redirected to the iTunes store. The app is of moderate quality with a simplified user-interface. You will face zero hassles in completing its download and set-up.  

Once the app download is completed, you need to create a profile, fill-up the relevant details, and sign-up for free.  

 After the successful profile generation, you can start looking for an ideal match. Search filters are helping you to find out the right match a bit quickly and speedily.  

Is it reliable and secure enough to share personal information? 

While creating a profile on this website, you might share some vital information and no one wants their crucial information exposed elsewhere. Hence, checking the safety and reliability of the website matters. 

As per the details mentioned on the website, it is safe enough to share vital details. The website takes appropriate measures for profile approval and has some parameters to keep the scammers at bay. This makes us believe that there are nearly zero fake profiles.   

In addition to this, the website allows the users to report or block a profile that seems bothersome or fake. As far as data security is concerned, there is high-end security encryption looking after it.  

The privacy policy allows end-user strict profile access and listing. In short, it takes good measures for data safety and can be trusted. 

dad reading a book to daughter

How good is the Help & Support system? 

Truth is that we liked its Help & Support system as it is responsive and remains alert all the time. It keeps an eye on the interaction happening on the website and takes appropriate measures to avoid any suspicious activity.  

If online dating is a new thing for you, there is a detailed FAQ section to help you out. 

In conclusion

We hope that with the help of our honest SingleParentMatch review, you must be able to figure out if this site is good for you or not.

Before we and it, here is the crux of our review: SingleParentMatch is a good initiative for single parents and has already helped thousands of people to find an ideal match. It lets you share your life journey without any qualms and worries. Try it once and you will love it for sure.