Christian MingleMatch
Average rating24
Member base– 7 million active members
– 49% women – 51% men
– most members between 35-49 years old
– 21.5 million
– 45% female – 55% male
– most members’ age: 35-44
Prevailing relationship format– marriage 
– long-term relationship
– casual dating
– long-term dating
Mobile appyesyes
Customer supportemail, live chatemail, phone
What’s included in free & paid versions?Free:
– basic account
– profile creation
– browse members
– see who liked you
– see who viewed you
– send emojis

– send messages
– swipe feature
– filtering capabilities
– mutual like notification
– anonymous browsing
– basic account
– send likes
– browse members
– use Matchmaking game
– use SingledOut matches

– send messages
– invisible browsing
– see who viewed you
– Instant Messenger
– use MatchPhone
Prices– 1 month: $49.99 / month
– 3 months: $34.99 / month
– 6 months: $24.99 / month
– 3 months: $14.99 / month
– 6 months: $11.49 / month
– 12 months: $8.99 / month
Top highlights/unique features– well known and reliable service
– outstanding app design 
– relatively even gender split
– over 20 years on the market
– long-term and serious commitment
– date check-in

Sure, both are relatively well known in the online dating scene, but which one is truly better? Christian Mingle has a far narrower reach, but that’s a feature, not a fault if you look at it the right way. On the other hand, Match is much more forgiving and is better for general audiences. If you want to know which of these is better, look at our deep dive below. 

Ease of use + Design

Design is one of the essential things in any given website or app, especially if it’s for something like dating. 

Starting with Christian Mingle, it has a surprisingly unique design of a niche dating website. In general, niche dating websites are dated, drab, and dull, which is not the case with Christian Mingle. This website features a sly, slick, and sexy-looking UI that is easy to use and easy to navigate. It’s not overcrowded, and it’s not old – it’s a surprisingly good website and app design. 

On the other hand, we have It’s one of the most popular dating websites globally and has a massive population, and that population didn’t flock to the app for anything. Match has a modern UI that is absolutely gorgeous and daringly simple to use. 

It follows a minimalistic layout that is both easy to understand, navigate, and use. Unlike Christian Mingle, Match has constant updates that make the website better in every way, but the Match app isn’t nearly as good as the site. 

Winner: Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle Ease of use

Sign up Process

Registering on both of these websites is very similar – there are only a couple of slight changes. Registering on Christian Singles will be a pretty straightforward process that requires you to provide basic information about yourself, who you’re looking for, and make an infrastructure for your profile.

Match takes a much more laid-back approach, requiring little to no information for registration. You only need to provide the bare bones when it comes to details, such as your name, username, email, password, and zip code – everything else is done in the profile creation section. 

Taking all these into concern, the winner of Christian Mingle vs. Match for women is definitely Match.

Winner: Match

Profile Settings + Search Filters

Profiles are what makes the digital dating scene go round. You’ll want to have a detailed profile, but leave just enough to the imagination to tickle your potential suitor’s mind. Luckily, both websites have similar profile creation tools and filtering capabilities, although Christian Singles is more sophisticated.

Christian singles feature a modest profile creation tool that allows you to add as much or as little information about yourself as you like, all of which will later be used for filtering and finding the perfect suitor. With that being said, creating a full profile on Christian singles and filling out all the boxes can be a little bit redundant, as not all the information is relevant, and some questions are a bit too personal.

On the other hand, Match strikes a perfect balance of information when it comes to profile creation. Its profile tool itself is far more sophisticated and easy to use, allowing you to create stunning profiles without much effort. 

Its search tool is also pretty intricate when it comes to filtering capabilities, meaning you can find potential bachelors or bachelorettes based on your personal preferences far more straightforward than you can with Christian Singles. 

Creating profiles is very important, and when considering profile creation in Christian Mingle vs. Match for men and women alike, Match takes the cake. 

Winner: Match

match Search Filters

Matches Quality + Success Rate

Some websites report that they have 50 million users, too bad that most of them are either pumped numbers or dead accounts. When it comes to Christian Singles and Match, most of the users are real people. How many users does Christian Mingle have vs. – that depends on the source. 

The quality of matches on Christian Singles is superb. Most people on there are genuine people looking to mingle with like-minded individuals for something that might turn into a long-term relationship. The website employs a fantastic matchmaking function that almost always gets you a good result on all your searches. 

Your dating and matching experience is gamified with the swiping function to the point where it’s fun to browse through the potential suitors. There are no numbers that would estimate the success rate of matches on this website. Still, independent third-party reviews on Christian Mingle vs. Match show that the overall experience is good on both websites but slightly better on Match.  

Match has an excellent algorithm put in place to mix and match potential bachelors and bachelorettes. You can either like or dislike people on the app, and if they like you back, you’ll get a little pop-up. The success rate on Match is industry-leading, with a self-reported 42% of all matches made on the internet are made on this website. 

Winner: Match 

Reliability and Safety

Privacy, reliability, and safety – the three core features of any given website, especially if it’s dealing with topics such as dating

Both of the websites utilize similar features to protect both themselves and their users from harm. They carry an SSL encryption, the apps are audited for safety, and active moderation teams on both services root out all scammers, blackmailers, and catfishes.

Winner: Tie

Unique Features

There are many unique features in the online dating game, not all of which are good. It’s good to keep it classic and simple, but it’s also good to keep things fresh. 

Christian singles don’t have a lot to offer in regards to unique features. Almost all the unique features that Christian Singles claims to have are just renamed versions of industry-standard features such as sending likes to people and swipe-to-like. 

Match has some unique features such as: 

  • MatchPhone – assigns you a customs number to talk to other Match users; 
  • Video Dating – allows you to video chat with other members; 
  • MatchMe – increases your exposure to the website. 

Winner: Match

match Unique Features


The cost of Christian Mingle vs Match is transparent – Match is a far more affordable alternative to Christian Singles. The rates of Christian Singles are almost double that of Niche dating websites are usually more expensive, but there is a catch. 

Christian Singles allows you to sign up for a month only and has no return policy, while the minimum subscription for Match is three months, and it does have a return policy. 

Both websites accept credit cards and Paypal only. Subscriptions are practically necessary for both because essential features such as instant messaging are exclusive to premium memberships. 

When comparing Christian Mingle vs. Match prices, Match is far more affordable. 

Winner: Match 

Help & Support

Customer support is crucial on a dating website – many issues can arise when you’re dating on the internet.

Match offers email and phone line customer support, and both are pretty quick and usually very helpful for most inquiries. On the other hand, Christian Singles provides a live chat option, which is the fastest out of the lot.

Both have active customer support teams, and both are very helpful, but the live chat feature of Christian Singles comes out as a clear victor. 

Winner: Christian Singles

Christian Singles Help & Support

Final Verdict

When all is said and done, Match is the better dating website for many reasons. Not only does it offer a far better sign-up and profile creation process, but it’s also more popular and well-rounded out of the two. Christian Singles is still a great dating website, but it’s pricier and less populated when compared to Match.