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Geeks and nerds have always had trouble finding partners for whatever but not because they aren’t attractive. It is because of their introverted, geek-specific nature that they often find themselves on the very margins of society. 

Since being a social outcast is never easy, geeks and nerds need great solutions that could solve all their romantic problems and make all that social awkwardness disappear. Feeling withdrawn can make finding a partner quite challenging. 

Fortunately, the internet offers countless dating sites where all sorts of people can meet like-minded singles. In fact, it’s safe to say that there is a dating site for every type of person on this planet. There are dating sites that cater to the specific needs of all gamers, nerds, fandom freaks, and geeks. 

The trick is to find the right site for you. With that in mind, we’ve come up with these geeks dating sites reviews to make things easier for the geek-specific people. Each dating site is unique and offers excellent opportunities for finding potential matches. 

Dating Sites for Geeks and Nerds

Best dating for geeks

Whether you’re a gamer, nerd, geek, or just a freak in your own kind of way, you shouldn’t worry about it as there is a top dating site for geeks and every other type of nerd on the web. Since we live in the age of online dating, it’s time to get familiar with the best dating websites for gaming geeks that cater to the specific demographic. 

Each site has thousands of people like yourself. The following gamer dating review will allow you to discover the top seven online geeks dating sites you should have on your radar. Whether you’re looking for casual dates, serious relationships, friendship, or something more serious, these sites will help you find dating for geeks in no time.

1. Gamer Dating

If you’re a games lover looking to meet local like-minded singles who share your passion for games, there is no better site for you than Gamer Dating. Aside from being one of the best dating websites for gaming geeks, this site has lots of people who are very passionate about gaming. 

More importantly, it’s intended for finding local connections. If you’re looking for some real gaming love, this site should be your number one option. Aside from finding both serious and casual dates, the site also includes a colossal gaming community where you can find out all about new games as well. Joining is free.

  • List of games and gaming genres
  • Pro-LGBTQ
  • 50/50 gender ratio
  • Best for finding relationships and casual dates
  • No mobile app
  • Outdated interface

2. LFGDating


LFGDating is another fantastic dating site for gamers and all sorts of geeks you should check out. The site was developed by gamers for gamers, and it is an excellent platform where dedicated gamers can share their passions. 

Although the site is somewhat unknown compared to some other names on our list, it has lots of single gamers and is an excellent place for finding like-minded people who share your interests.

  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Free signup
  • Finding matches is easy
  • Social network for gamers
  • Slightly unknown in the online dating realm
  • Sending messages requires a premium account

3. SoulGeek


Here is a perfect dating site for true geeks at heart. SoulGeek is one of the best dating websites for geeks on the web that allow nerds and geeks to find their soulmates. Aside from gathering every geek on the planet, the site offers top features for finding matches. Signing up is free so give it a try.

  • Great search filters
  • Members from every part of the world
  • Effective notification system
  • Free to use
  • Outdated interface
  • Users have to search for matches manually 

4. Cupid


Cupid is one of the best dating sites on the planet and is also one of the best options for nerd dating. The site has a vast user base, and signing up is free. 

You’ll need a premium account to access all of the site’s features, but it is worth it. There are three membership plans, and every membership gives you access to a wide range of useful features. 

  • Great matchmaking system
  • Safe online environment
  • Free registration
  • Large user base
  • Cluttered interface
  • You need premium membership to access all features
  • Lengthy profile completion

5. Geeky Friends Date

Geeky Friends Date

Regardless of how geeky you are or where your nerd interests lie, Geeky Friends Date will make sure you find a perfect match for your tastes. The site is 100% free and mobile-friendly, allowing you to make potential matches on the go. 

The best thing is that you can find matches based on your location. If you’ve always dreamed of meeting local geeks for a date, now you can.

  • Free dating site
  • Great matchmaking system
  • Location-based matching
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Search filters could be better
  • Cluttered design

6. Geek Nerd Dating

Geek Nerd Dating

As the name suggests, Geek Nerd Dating is an excellent choice for introverts looking for the best dating sites for geeks and nerds. While the signup process is a bit lengthy and requires completing certain steps, it will be worth your while. The fact that you can use search filters and the matchmaker for free only makes things even better. 

  • Free registration
  • You can browse members and make matches for free as well
  • High-quality profiles
  • Great design
  • Lengthy profile completion

7. Match Geeks

Match Geeks

Match Geeks is more than just a dating site – it’s also a social network that gathers tons of geeks, nerds, gamers, and all sorts of bookworms. 

While the site allows you to find potential matches for relationships, it is more intended for friendship and socializing with the geek community. The registration process is simple and requires just some basic information.

  • Great geek community
  • Dating service and social network on one platform
  • Lots of active profiles
  • Free registration
  • The site is more suitable for finding friendship than dating
  • Finding matches is a bit lengthy


Even though you may be introverted and have specific lifestyle interests and dating preferences, there is a dating site for you that can cater to your unique needs. 

We really hope that our short guide will help you find a partner who will share your gaming enthusiasm and have lots of fun with you. Give these sites a try and see how things roll out for you.


1. Is it easy to find matches on dating sites for geeks and nerds?

The ease of finding matches solely depends on the site and the information you disclose in your profile. The top-rated sites on our list provide all the features you need to find matches, but the rest is up to you. The more information you disclose, the easier it is to find compatible matches.

2. How safe is dating for gamers?

Online dating is quite safe, regardless of what type of person you are. The level of safety and security varies from site to site, but you can always check user reviews and contact customer support if you run into any suspicious activity.

3. What should I do if someone wants to meet me in person?

If you’ve found a compatible match and things are going well between you two, meeting in person is a perfectly normal thing to do. However, take precautions before you meet them. 

Make sure your friends know where you are and choose a public place for the first date. You should also do a video call before you meet to ensure your partner is who they claim they are.

4. Is it hard to find true love on dating sites?

Finding true love is never easy. It takes time, effort, and patience. However, it isn’t impossible. You need to know what you want to be able to take things to the next level. If you’re sure about that, things will work out in the end.