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Being a single parent does not mean that you should shun away from meeting new people and dating sites. In fact, there are single parents dating websites you might want to check out. We know for sure that you will be able to meet someone with the same interests as you and start something really special. 

All you need to do is get out of your comfort zone and start working on meeting someone new. Dating sites are one of the finest places to start with that.

Best Dating Sites for Single Parents

Why can online dating for single parents be beneficial?

Single parents usually do not have time for “regular dating”. They often need to balance between work and raising their children and they cannot find time for meeting someone in real life. This is where online dating comes in.

It is really easy to meet someone online. All you need to do is make a profile on one of the top dating sites for single dads or moms, and you can meet someone you might get to call a partner in the future. This is what most people do nowadays, especially due to their ever-growing obligations.

Meeting someone a “few clicks away” can save you both time and effort. You will be free to decide who you wish to meet and you will avoid all those failed and unsuccessful dates as well. It is a win-win situation right there.

Our choice of dating sites for single parents

Choosing a dating website can greatly impact your potential of meeting someone new. You should remember to always be yourself and be open from the very beginning. 

This can, in turn, lead to forming new connections and potential relationships. In any case, here is our top list of online dating sites for single fathers and mothers:

  • SingleParentMeet – As its name suggests, SingleParentMeet is a place in which you can meet other single parents. This is one of the best sites for meeting like-minded people. The name of the website lets people know that it is a dating site exclusively made for single parents.
  • Mingle2 – Mingle2 is a perfect place for meeting singles in your area. When you create a profile on Mingle2, you can specify your location and only people from that location will “pop up” for you to see. You can change this option later in the settings, but it can help you find someone relatively close to your current location.
  • SingleParentLove – Single parents are also deserving of love and this is what SingleParentLove is all about. Here, you will be able to meet people who think similarly to you. Relationships are all about understanding your partner and their needs, and we believe that you can find people who think the same on SingleParentLove.
  • PlentyofFish – Just as there are a ton of fish in the sea, there are plenty of single parents looking for someone who shares their interests. With around 3 million people logging in daily to this website, chances of you meeting someone are quite high. All you need to do is register and see if you can find someone worth your time and efforts.
single parents on a date in a cafe

Online dating is not popular without a good reason. Single parents know what they want, and they can have higher standards than single people without children. In order not to waste time, they often prefer meeting someone online.


Online dating for single mothers and fathers has never been easier before. It is never too late to meet someone who shares the same values as you. All you need to do is give someone a chance, but also give yourself a chance for a new beginning as well. The best way to do that is to create a profile on one of the websites we have mentioned and see where that will take you. We wish you all the best with this one!


1. Can I meet the love of my life online?

Yes, it is possible to meet someone you will spend the rest of your life with online. You never know who is “out there” until you make sure to check. A lot of people have met their soulmates online.

2. What should our first date in-person look like?

While online dating is generally safe, you can never be too sure about someone’s intentions. We highly recommend that you meet another person in a public place like a coffee shop or a restaurant, regardless of gender. 

3. Are online dating sites safe to use?

Online dating sites for single dads and moms are generally as safe as regular dating sites. Your information (what you choose to share with others) is public, but no one can access your profile and change the details, et cetera. 

4. Do I need to pay to use online dating services?

In most cases, you will not have to pay anything to use dating services. There can be certain extra bonuses for premium users, like more people noticing your profile or getting to choose potential partners in more detail. Most dating sites do not have such options, however.