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Losing a partner can leave you devastated for a long time, so dating is possibly the last thing on your mind. However, meeting someone who went through a similar life experience can help you heal a lot faster.

But, where do you meet other widowers if you can’t gather the courage to go out and date again? This is where dating sites for widowers only come in handy. It’s a perfect solution to test the waters before going on a real-life date.

Here, you can learn everything about online dating for widowers and widows – from the pros and cons of online dating to the useful FAQ, and you’ll know what to do when you complete this article.

Features of dating websites for widowers and widows

Although each dating site for widowers is unique in its way, they all share similar sets of advantages and disadvantages that might play a crucial role for you.


  • Easily meet like-minded singles!

The chances of you running into another widow or a widower on the street are pretty slim. That’s why it may be challenging to find a like-minded person without the assistance of online platforms. With websites for widowers, you can meet other people who went through a similar experience and have a lot in common with you.

  • Enter a supportive community

Forums, chatrooms, customer support services, and numerous other helpful sources are all available at your fingertips. Widowers dating online can enter supportive, friendly, and inviting communities that can help them with any issues they might come across while experimenting with online dating.

  • Date from the comfort of your home

If you aren’t ready to take your dating game to a whole new level, online dating could be an excellent transition. You still get an opportunity to meet many individuals, but there’s no need to go out on dates. Enjoy the privileges of local dating sites and date from the comfort of your home until you’re ready to go public.


  • Some users aren’t ready to date!

Unfortunately, there’s a chance you’ll meet a person who isn’t exactly ready to date. Red flags such as talking only about their late spouse and showing no interest in meeting you are clear indicators someone isn’t ready to bring someone new into their life.

  • You might need a bit of practice!

If computer skills aren’t the best, you can find online dating frustrating. However, remember they are designed to be easy to use and navigate, so it takes only a couple of days before you get used to the entire idea of online dating.

Four best dating sites for widowers

Through your research, you’ll come across various platforms specially designed for widow and widower dating.  Even though there isn’t the best single widowers dating site, we decided to include the top 4 sites you’ll undoubtedly find excellent.

1. WidowsOrWidowers


As the longest-running website for matching people with deceased spouses, WidowsOrWidowers has been successfully functioning for more than 15 years. Here you’ll be met with a safe and compassionate community that’ll ensure you have a pleasant experience with online dating.

2. JustWidowerDating

Another excellent dating platform is JustWidowerDating, where you can meet singles just like you. With a specific niche of users and focusing only on connecting singles who suffered a loss of a loved one, you can be assured you’re going to meet someone who can relate to your feelings and experiences.

3. eHarmony

The eHarmony dating site wasn’t specially created for widows and widowers, but you can find a good match. Being one of the largest platforms in the current online dating industry, millions of members daily enjoy the commodities this site offers them.

4. EliteSingles


For well-off singles who are looking to meet people with similar incomes, EliteSingles is the ideal choice. Having more than 80% of university-educated members, this is a perfect spot for interacting with intellectual, smart, educated, and financially stable singles.

Useful tips for dating sites

  • Don’t date unless you’re ready!

Feeling pain and suffering is something you need to go through after the death of your spouse, which is why you shouldn’t date unless you’re ready. Take the necessary time to heal, recover, and find a place in your heart for someone new.

  • Make an effort to meet other users!

Don’t let your justice depend on the actions of other people. If you happen to like someone, take the first step and approach them. Waiting for other members to notice you is often just a waste of time, so step out of your comfort zone and make an effort to meet other users.

  • Look out for red flags!

Numerous people rush back into dating before they’re truly ready to let someone new in. That’s why you need to pay attention to red flags. Although talking about the loved one is expected, make sure they show interest in you too.

FAQ: Widowers dating sites

1. What is the best site for dating widowers?

While the best site depends on your needs, desires, expectations, and preferences, the four websites mentioned above are considered to be the all-time winning options.

2. How to meet local singles near me?

If you’re interested in local dating, use the available search filters to narrow down your search results. For instance, the location filter can help you discover people near you.

3. When should widowers start dating?

There’s no right or wrong time to start dating. Once you feel like you’re ready to meet someone new and commit to a relationship, you should do it.

4. Do’s and don’ts on your first date with a widower?

When it comes to dating a widow or a widower, be compassionate, understanding, and emotional. Try to sympathize with what they’re going through and show support. On the other hand, don’t spend all your time talking or listening about the previous relationship. Instead, focus on getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Final thoughts

To sum everything up, widows and widowers can quickly meet similar people with the help of specially designed and created websites. If you’re struggling to find the best solution to slowly start meeting new people and dating, then these online dating platforms could be your perfect solution.

Take some time to find which site out of the four mentioned ones fits you best, and enter a loving community that’ll show support and care.