Coffee Meets BagelHinge
Average rating32
Member base– 10,000,000 users
– 58% man and 42% women
– 30-49 years
– 6,000,000 users
– 64% man and 36% women
– 24-32 years
Prevailing relationship formatAppropriate for singles looking for long-term relationships.Preferred by single people looking for a long-term commitment.
Mobile appYesYes
Customer supportHelp center + email servicesEmail and the Help Center on the website.
What’s included in free & paid versions?Free:
– Users can create a profile and upload photos.
– Receive suggested matches every day at noon.
– Ability to chat with suggested matches.
– Users can like or pass suggested matches.
– The limitless ability to discover new potential matches.
– Users can access message receipts.
– Access to other members’ activity reports.
– Users get 6,000 beans every month.
– Users get access to their “Likes You” section.
– Users also get 15% off any purchase of Beans. 
– Users can like up to 10 users every 24 hours.
– Users get filters for criteria such as gender, age, location, and ethnicity.
– Access to a single rose every Sunday that users can send to others.
– Users get access to the same pool of potential matches ( preferred membership).
– The ten likes provided can be used on any part of the profile.
– Unlimited Likes.
– The primary filters, including height, whether someone has children, and drug use such as marijuana and alcohol.
– Access to users who like you.
– Users also get access to help from Hinge Experts.
– Subscription automatically renews unless users turn off auto-renew 24 hours prior.
Prices– $35 a month.
– $75 for three months.
– $120 for six months.
– One month $19.99
– Three months $39.99
– Six months $59.99
Top highlights/unique features– Notifications at noon every day for new matches.
– An in-app currency called Beans, which users can donate to each other.
– Users can access the dating site through the app or official website.
– Users get a rose every Sunday, and they can share it with other members.
– Free users get up to 10 likes a day and unlimited likes for premium users.
– Sharing your last name is optional.


Are you tired of swiping? Are you looking for love, but you don’t have the time to find a suitable partner since you have a busy schedule? Coffee Meets Bagel provides a safe space for busy professionals to find love. Still undecided? Meet Hinge, the dating app designed to be deleted. It’s the perfect choice for single people who want to get rid of dating websites for good. Find out our detailed reviews on Coffee Meets Bagel vs Hinge below.

Ease of use + Design/Layout

In early 2018, Coffee Meets Bagel performed a complete overhaul of its app’s design. Staying true to its online slogan, the dating website adopted a minimalist approach to its user interface. It got rid of outdated features and bold colors for a more subtle and streamlined look. 

The dating website incorporated a new logo and invigorating social content, among other trendy features. In the same vein, Hinge also had an overhaul of its old user interface in 2019 in favor of a calming and pleasing aesthetic. The design team’s goal was to enhance the application’s visual appeal by using color to evoke certain feelings and emotions from users.

The system overhaul was in line with the app’s slogan since their primary objective was to ensure users went on dates that would turn into long-term commitments. On the other hand, Coffee Meets Bagel’s new design serves as an attraction to get new members to sign up. The exciting new features such as the redesigned suggested tab and a scrolling style feed make it more attractive, reeling in more membership sign-ups.

Winner: Coffee Meets Bagel.

Coffee Meets Bagel review

Sign up Process (how long/thorough is it?)

The Coffee Meets Bagel sign-up process is relatively straightforward, similar to Hinge. Users can create accounts on the dating apps via a phone number or Facebook account. Those using their phone number simply download the application, then click “continue with phone number.”

Simply key in your phone number, the app will send a verification code. Enter the information, then proceed to your profile and add information about yourself. It’s that simple.

For interested parties using their Facebook accounts, select “continue with Facebook,” then sign in to your account. Here’s where the difference comes in. Hinge users will have to verify their phone numbers then allow the app’s permission before they can begin mingling.

Coffee Meets Bagel users, however, do not have to verify their phone numbers. They’ll have to fill out their profile after allowing the required permission. Those using Coffee Meets Bagel go through the extra task of creating their profile from scratch, unlike Hinge users who use the data from their Facebook accounts (which they can later personalize).

Winner: Hinge.

Profile Setting + Search Filters

Hinge has various advanced filters for users to choose from, ranging from height and ethnicity to whether you have children and religion. Premium subscribers get this exciting range of filters, while Free users are limited to basics such as age and location.

What’s more, the application has a feature called Dealbreaker in the Profile section where users can select preferences they are strict on. On the other hand, Coffee Meets Bagel users can set their preferences and filters such as age, education, and activity,

Additionally, CMB members can add icebreakers to their profile—this is where users add three pieces of interesting information about themselves. 

Winner: Hinge.

Hinge review

Matches Quality + Success Rate

Hinge has a success rate of 90%, with 72% of first dates resulting in a second one. The dating app prides itself on its commitment to helping singles looking for a long-term relationship. It also allows up to 15 matches a day.

This means that users have a 90% chance of meeting “the one” on Hinge than any other app. Coffee Meets Bagel’s success rate, unfortunately, isn’t as high as Hinge. The application has a 50% rate, which is a decent number compared to other apps. It also allows men up to 21 matches while women get five a day.  

Winner: Hinge.

Reliability and Safety

Both dating apps have taken measures to ensure that their users have a safe dating experience. Coffee Meets Bagel offers dating tips through their blog and includes information such as tips on how to spot scammers. So what happens when you report a suspicious person in support of Coffee Meets Bagel? Your report or any reports on a specific person remains confidential, that is, the people you filed a complaint about will not be able to see information about you. Alternatively, you can directly report a possible intruder by sending an email to the site team.

Hinge offers dating advice and provides sexual health information such as the importance of consent and prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Moreover, Hinge offers resources such as helplines that users can call in case of an emergency. Hinge stands for Safe Dating. 

Winner: Coffee Meets Bagel. 

Unique Features

Coffee Meets Bagel’s premium subscription plan allows users access to features such as:

  • Activity reports 
  • Message read receipts
  • “Likes you”, Here you can see everyone who’s liked you, in chronological order. 
  • Potential matches every day at noon. 

Hinge, on the other hand, contains unique features such as:

  • A wide range of filters such as age, location, drug use, and family plans. 
  • Up to 10 likes a day. 
  • Hinge roses, available every Sunday. Users can send them to whomever they like. 
  • Users can choose to share their last name or not. 

It’s a close tie between the two dating apps, but CMB takes the crown due to its functionality with features such as activity reports.

Winner: Coffee Meets Bagel.

Coffee Meets Bagel Unique Features


How much is Coffee Meets Bagel vs Hinge? Let’s find out; Coffee Meets Bagel offers discounted prices for members depending on the number of months they are subscribed. There is also the free version, but it doesn’t comprise many features as the Premium subscriptions.

The premium plan is available in three tiers:

  1. $35 a month. 
  2. $75 for three months. ($25 /month). 
  3. $120 for six months. ($20/month). 

Hinge has a free version but also offers a premium membership, with prices starting at:

  1. $19/month. 
  2. $39 for three months. 
  3. $59 for six months. 

Hinge is more affordable, with users paying as little as $19 per month and a discounted price of $59 for six months. A stark contrast from Coffee Meets Bagel, which retails at a whopping $120 for the same duration. 

Winner: Hinge. 

Help and Support

Coffee Meets Bagel offers customer support through the help center, located on the website. Users can also contact them through their official email addresses – [email protected]. Similarly, Hinge provides Customer support through email [email protected] and the help center, also found on their website and application.

Winner: Coffee Meets Bagel.


Both dating applications are excellent for users seeking long-term relationships. However, the difference between Coffee Meets Bagel vs Hinge relationships is that Hinge has a higher success rate, 90%. 

Coffee Meets Bagel’s selling point is its features, with premium users accessing profile options such as activity control and message read receipts.   

That aside, CMB and Hinge rely on the members’ attributes and profiles to determine the success of their dating journeys.