Average rating41.4
Member base– 21.5 million members
– 45% female members – 55% male members
– most users’ age range: 25-54 years old
– 57 million members
– 37% female members – 63% male members
– most users’ age range: 18-34 years old
Prevailing relationship formatlong-term relationships
– hookups
– short-term relationships
– long-term relationships
Mobile app yes yes
Customer support email, phone email, phone
What’s included in free & paid versions?Free:
– registration process
– sending likes
– browsing other members
– using the Matchmaking game
– using SingledOut matches

– instant messaging system
– invisible browsing feature
– seeing who viewed your profile
– using the MatchPhone feature for video chat
– registration process
– uploading pictures
– swiping through other members
– finding members near you through the “location” feature

– rewinding a swipe
– finding matches instantly
– finding members across the globe
– seeing who likes you back
Prices– 3 months: $14.99 / month
– 6 months: $11.49 / month
– 12 months: $8.99 / month
Basic subscription for users under 28 years of age:
– 1 month: $14.99 / month
– 6 months: $8.83 / month
– 12 months: $6.92 / month

Basic subscription for users over 28 years of age:
– 1 month: $29.99 / month
– 6 months: $18.83 / month
– 12 months: $12.50 / month
Top highlights/unique features– perfect for finding long-term serious relationships
– date check-in feature
– on the market for over 20 years
– easy-to-use “swipe” feature
– supporting diversity and the LGBTQ+ community
– huge online members base

Because Match has over 20 years of existence on the market, everyone is interested in long-term and secure dating, so it invests in it. Tinder, launched back in 2012, is also thriving and is one of the most popular contemporary dating platforms on the market.

Ease of use + Design/Layout

Analyzing numerous reviews on Match vs. Tinder has helped us compare their ease of use, design, and layout to see which one is more convenient.

Even though Match is on the market for a long time, its design is not outdated. On the contrary, it’s quite contemporary. Match offers Countless features with a predominantly white and blue design that will help you navigate the platform and use it easily.

Tinder is more focused on the younger generation and has a different approach to dating than Match. Since the young are all about advanced technology, the older generation can’t quite use Tinder easily from the start. The design and the layout are modern and will offer you an aesthetically enjoyable experience.

Winner: Tinder

tinder review

Sign up Process

Signing up for Match can be time-consuming. First, you have to enter your basic information, after which you will be redirected to the profile that you have to build. You’ll also have to fill in some more info, such as personality and relationship preference, height and body type, and more. Even though it takes up some of your time, providing detailed data will help you find your matches faster.  

The sign-up process at Tinder can be complete in a matter of minutes. You have to add only basic personal info, but other than that – nothing is required. If you link Tinder to your email address, phone number, or Facebook account, it takes even less time to sign up.

Winner: Match

Profile Settings + Search Filters

Whether you’re interested in search filters of Match vs. Tinder for men or Match vs. Tinder for women, the same will apply for both genders. Though different among the two platforms, the search filters are the same for men and women alike.

When building your profile on Match, you will enter a lot of personal info, which will help others know if they like you or not. However, there is one downside of Match in this field. None of the required info will be subject to verification, which each user should be aware of.

Search filters on Tinder are based only on age, gender, location, and distance. Though a bit vaguer, they’ve proven to be successful at narrowing users’ picks down. The swipe tool on Tinder works fast at finding your match.

Winner: Tinder

Matches Quality + Success Rate

Although you may base your assumptions on the quality of matches and the overall success rate on how many users does Match have vs. Tinder, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Tinder does have a more extensive member base than Match but let’s look at their success rates.

Match has been around for over 20 years and is now allegedly responsible for making 42% of dates worldwide successful. Profiles are in-depth, and they’re more for users who are long-term-relationship and marriage-oriented.

On the other hand, Tinder has an algorithm where users are presented with just the basic info and a picture of other users. Swiping left or right for “like” or “dislike” is all you can do. For this reason, Tinder can’t make high-quality matches like Match.

Winner: Match

Match Matches Quality

Reliability and Safety

Match takes the lead here, as it has a unique feature called “Date Check-In.” This feature allows you to send an SOS message to Match if something goes wrong on your date. All users at Match are thus protected, and the platform, likewise, guarantees reliability and safety. 

Tinder does check the authenticity of profiles, deactivates fake ones, and is, too, reliable and safe. .”

Winner: Match

Unique Features

People usually want to know how much is Match vs. Tinder dependent on their unique features. 

Match, along with the Date Check-In feature, has two more that are excellent and unique. The Vibe Check feature allows couples who have been matched to video chat, and the MatchPhone feature enables phone calls among members through anonymous phone numbers.

Tinder has fewer unique features. A Super Boost feature will increase the visibility of your profile. The Rewind feature can undo actions and swipes, and the Swipe Around the World feature is for those who like to travel and meet people at places they go to. 

Winner: Match


Looking at the cost of Match vs. Tinder shows that Tinder is a bit more pricey, but does that make it better?

Both platforms accept PayPal and Credit Card payments, but Tinder accepts those two, plus direct debit and mobile phone payments. Free accounts on both offer similar features, but Tinder allows you to find people near you for free too. With Match, you have to be a paid member to contact others. 

Winner: Tinder

Tinder Pricing

Help & Support

Let’s now compare Match versus Tinder regarding their customer service, help, and support.

The Match support team will reply fast to your email, but you can also reach them via phone to get an instant reply. You can also contact the staff of Tinder via phone and email, but it can sometimes take them up to 30 days to reply. Consequently, the winner of this race will be Match.     

Winner: Match


The battle of Match versus Tinder finally goes in favor of Match. Even though Tinder is more modern and popular among the younger generation, Match never makes a mistake in connecting people interested in long-term relationships. With Match, you can find your significant other while remaining safe at all times.