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Looking for your perfect match can be a fun and exciting experience, but not for everyone. Tall people find it extremely challenging to find someone they like and who suits them as a partner. Because of that, more and more dating sites for tall men and women started appearing on the market.

Nowadays, you can choose from countless websites created to spark a connection between tall individuals. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to single out the top five ones that surely won’t disappoint you.

If you want to find out what these dating sites are and learn more about dating taller singles, make sure to check out this article.

Dating Sites for Tall Singles

Benefits of using dating sites for tall singles

These websites come with quite a few advantages over other dating sites you might come across since they focus on a particular niche. However, we’ve decided to include only the top three benefits that’ll surely motivate you to check them out.

1. Suitable matches

First things first, people looking for tall matches will be pleasantly surprised once they learn there are special dating platforms created just for this purpose. Whether you’re a tall person looking for a partner of a certain height or you simply want a tall partner by your side, there’s no doubt you’ll find suitable matches with the assistance of these dating platforms.

2. Simple use

Next, dating websites and apps are specifically designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to use a social service online successfully. That way, tall singles websites are welcoming and including all age groups as part of their community. All you need is a bit of time and patience to learn the basic steps, and you’ll realize how simple and easy the entire process is.

3. Dating made easy

Finally, dating has never been easier than now. Besides simple website design and easy use, dating platforms develop various guides and dating tips that make online dating even more unique and exciting. 

Moreover, now you can even date from the comfort of your home before you’re ready to take it to the next level. It is ideal for everyone who wants to take things at their own pace and get to know their partner well.

5 best dating sites for tall individuals

Now that you know more about some of the benefits of online dating for tall singles, let’s move on to high-quality dating sites you can use. This top five list for dating websites for tall singles is ideal for anyone searching for their tall soulmate but doesn’t know where to look.


As the first platform on our list, is one of our recommendations if you want to meet a tall partner. Although the website doesn’t have a specific limit for its users’ height, it’s used mainly by tall individuals.

However, this means is also one of the dating websites for women who like tall men. As an easy-to-use dating site with a specific niche in mind, is a well-rounded dating platform.

  • Quick and easy registration
  • Simple layout
  • Ideal for tall singles and tall admirers
  • A limited number of users


A website powered by the same team as is This online dating platform has several similarities with, including simple registration and use. That is precisely why it’s in second place.

As a safe spot for tall and like-minded singles to meet, supports all relationship formats. It’s also one of the short girls looking for tall men dating sites.

  • All relationship formats
  • Easy navigation and use
  • Fast registration
  • Outdated website layout


Next, is strictly intended for tall singles, and it doesn’t grant access to any tall admirers who aren’t tall themselves. Female members must be at least 5’9” high, while 6’2” is the minimum height for men. Because of this, you’ll only come across tall individuals when using

Furthermore, is entirely free to use. No premium or paid version restricts you from reaching out to your potential matches.

  • Free to use for everyone
  • A large member base
  • Strictly intended for tall singles
  • Not many regularly active members


Moving on, will also provide a pleasant dating experience for all those searching for a social platform that’ll connect them with a taller individual. Numerous search filters allow you to view members based on their other qualities besides height. For instance, a location search filter is great if you’re looking to meet local tall singles.

Even though has been around for some time now, it doesn’t stop delivering outstanding matching results. What’s more, once you create your profile on, you’ll also have an active profile on other sister websites, which instantly increases your chances of meeting the one.

  • Online Connections network
  • Various search filters
  • A limited number of younger members


Last but not least, is yet another outstanding choice if you’re searching for dating sites for tall guys and girls. It offers free registration and a full user experience to everyone willing to take their chance at love.

A large and diverse member structure is the main reason why so many people choose, as it gives them a nice opportunity to meet someone special. Whether you want to find a partner as tall as you or you’re interested in dating someone taller, this is the site for you.

  • Free and easy registration
  • A large and diverse member base
  • Limited to the USA only

The bottom line

All in all, creating social connections has never been simpler. Whether you’re interested in having a casual partner, starting a serious relationship, or even have a marriage in mind, you’ll surely find a suitable partner once you start using any of the five previously mentioned sites. They all have a member base consisting of tall singles who are waiting to meet their soulmate.


1. Should I provide my height details?

Sharing your height on dating sites is expected, especially if you’re using tall dating sites.

2. What should I share with online matches?

Feel free to share interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes, whatever you feel comfortable with. However, don’t share personal and sensitive details, such as home address and financial details.

3. When is the right time to meet offline?

There’s no right or wrong time when you should meet someone in person. The entire point of online dating is to feel comfortable and take as much time as you need before reaching a certain stage.

4. What are the red flags in online dating?

Crucial red flags in online dating can be:

  • Don’t have a detailed profile
  • Won’t send pictures
  • Only talk about themselves
  • Talk about their ex
  • Ask for money