SpecificationsChristian Mingle eHarmony 
Average rating54,5
Member base7,000,000 from USA29,000,000 from the USA
Prevailing relationship formatThis dating website is open to all Christian men and women who want to find potential marriage partners, with their relationship revolving around God and their faith.A dating site for singles looking for a serious relationship
Mobile App Yes Yes 
Customer supportIf you go to the Christian website’s help section, a pop-up window will appear at the bottom right part of the screen. This window is the website’s live chat function.You can check their Help Page if you have any issues and questions regarding your account. But, if you don’t see what you need, you can email them through their contact page.
Free Services Free:
– Registration
– Profile Creation
– Match Search
– Send smiles to other users to gain their attention
– Send messages
– Access to Smart
– Picks
– Browse incognito mode
– Chat
– Registration
– Profile Creation
– Match Search
– Send smiles
– View photos
– View favorite list and profiles who have viewed your profile
– Messaging
– Browsing anonymously
Prices1 Month costs 49.99 USD;
3 Months cost 104.97 USD;
6 Months cost $149.94
6 Months costs 59.90 USD;
12 Months costs 35.90 USD;
24 Months costs 25.90 USD.
Unique features– LookBook
– Messaging+
– Discovery Preferences
– Send questions
– Add to Favorites
– What If? (30 extra matches who are outside your preference list) 
– Video Date

It’s the 21st century and finding love is as easy as clapping. All you need to do is have an online dating website and an impressive profile. Your life would be sorted after that. However, the actual tough job is to choose an online dating website.

There are plenty of them and each one claims to be better than the other. Some are meant for a specific group while others are open for all. 

Christian Mingle and eHarmony are the two most popular dating websites. Which one will help you find out your love of life? While reviews on Cchristian mMingle vs eEharmony by dating websites users could help you a bit, they cannot be your guide in choosing one platform out of these.

To find out this, read our detailed review of Christian Mingle vs eHarmony below. 

Christian Mingle at a Glance

It is an online dating website dedicated to a particular religion. Here, singles from the Christian community are welcomed to find their love interests. Considering this, calling it a faith-based dating website won’t be erroneous. It is the game of online dating since 2001 and is still going strong in 2021. 

If data to be believed, it has bagged over 16 million users since its inception and has helped many to find their love partners. In fact, 29% of online Christian marriages happened because of Christian Mingle. 

The website has a 50:50 male to female ratio. So, it is clear that Christian Mingle vs eHarmony for women war front is won by Christian Mingle as they have equal importance here. 

The majority of its users belong to the 20-40 year age group, and they are here to find a serious or long-term relationship. In terms of its availability, it is available in 25 countries.

Christian Mingle at a Glance

eHarmony related Insights

A pioneer in the online dating world, eHarmony is quirky and is loved by millennials. It was launched in 2000 when the concept of online dating was very new. With its quality match and interesting features, it held the hearts of its users for a long time. 

The website is dominated by males and most of its members belong to the 25-34 age group. So, we want to find out what is the winner of Christian Mingle vs eHarmony for men than it is definitely eHarmony. 

The site claims to welcome users without any restrictions. Still, the majority of its users are from the USA. Its users expect to have a long-term relationship with this website. 

If you ask how many users does christianmingle.com have vs eharmony.com, eHarmony has more.

However, the users belonging to the young adult group can be involved in casual dating. eHarmony is more popular than Christian Mingle when accessibility is the focus. It can be used in 190 countries which is a pretty high number. 

Ease of use + Design/Layout

The effortlessness that many dating apps render in their usage is surely a major factor. If an app is complex and lacks luster then users are not going to stick for a long time. 

The app layout of Christian Mingle is very user-friendly. Both its desktop and app versions come with simple navigation and a user-friendly interface. It is very basic and is not at all complex to use.

eHarmony follows the same pattern. It uses a very simplified and easy-to-navigate interface. There are no ads and features are clearly mentioned. Users will have no issues and hassles in accessing all of its features.

Winner – At this front, both the players maintain the same quality standards. So, it’s a tie. 

Sign up Process

No matter which website you choose to find out your love interest, be ready to face a tedious and lengthy sign-up process. It is because of the fact that both these websites gather a lot of information.

Christian Mingle sign-up process is nearly 150-20 minutes long, and you need to fill out details related to age, job, preferences, gender, relationship preference, and many others.

If you’re thinking that 15-20 are too long then eHarmony will seem like ages as its sign-up will take nearly 1 hour. Yes, that’s right. 

Blame its lengthy personality assessment that tries to verify every minor personality aspect to bring the best matches. There are nearly 150 questions about your likes, dislikes, preferences, deal-breakers, and many other aspects. 

Note that the sign-up process is easy and effortless in both cases. You will hardly have any issues in completing the details.

Winner – Considering the time, we declare Christian Mingle a winner. 

Profile Settings + Search Filters 

Both these dating websites provide basic search filters like age, gender, relationship types, and so on. Christian Mingle lets anyone to see your photos, while eHarmony makes your profile images visible for paid subscriptions only. Viewing profiles and full-size photos on ChristianMingle are free features that can allow a seeker to personally rate a person how much he or she likes him or her. Although the information to fill out on the ChristianMingle site in the profile is limited compared to other dating sites, their security is one of the best. Certain fake profiles are suspended for a few minutes after they are created, which means that the team checks and enforces strict profile rules to ensure that only real users and not scams or scammers use their site. 

The eHarmony website boasts the quality of the matches it creates. One of the main factors affecting your compatibility with a particular member is the amount of information you provide on your profile. Note that all information from the tests and questionnaires you passed is reflected in your profile. In addition, your profile has an “About me” section, information about your preferences and the level of compatibility that each visitor should have in various areas of your life.

The compatibility tab on your profile on eHarmony shows how your personality and relationship are aligned. On this tab, you will find the following characteristics and relationship:

  • Romance
  • Emotional closeness
  • Physical proximity
  • Religious values
  • Good faith
  • Relationship values
  • Athleticism
  • Attachment
  • Extroversion
  • Intelligence
  • Altruism
  • Accommodation
  • Benevolence
  • Exclusivity
  • Social values

Winner – eHarmony as its profile setting is more in-depth. 

eHarmony review

Matches Quality + Success Rate

The success of any online dating website depends on how likely an end-user is going to find a match. Well, we must admit that Christian Mingle does a great job at this front. As we have already mentioned in the beginning, Christian Mingle is accountable for 29 online Christian marriages. 

It is because 5of the fact that this website is serious about its job and has quality profiles. Fake profiles are very less. It has a dedicated team to spot the fake profiles. Also, every profile is monitored for fraudulent behavior.

eHarmony also tries its best to maintain the quality standards on its website. It tests all the information provided by the user and provides matches. As eHarmony has more users and is available in more locations, you will easily get your match. It claims to be responsible for 500 marriages every day.

The personality test is of great help to find out your ideal match as a lot of things are clear about a person with this test. Its matching methods are quite systematic and based on an algorithm.

Winner – eHarmony as it will help you get an ideal match quickly and easily. 

Reliability and Safety

It is sad but online dating can be a waste of time sometimes. All thanks go to the fake profiles or presence of scammers. These two things will ruin your entire experience. . Gladly, both these social networking websites are serious about this malicious aspect of online dating and try their best to keep these devils under control. 

Christian Mingle adheres to a strict verification process to ensure that users are of legitimate age. Their team is always on its toes to spot fake profiles. Their security is best-of-breed. Fake profiles are deleted within a few minutes.

eHarmony doesn’t have a dedicated team for this job but still, this website tries its best to keep the incidents of fake profiles as low as possible. It offers a 6 months subscription. So, only serious individuals will pay such a high amount. Only premium members can view photos.

Winner – Christian Mingle is a more safe and reliable place to be.

Christian Mingle review

Unique Features

It is tough to thrive in such a competitive world and one has to be unique to garner popularity. Both Christian Mingle and eHarmony know this fact very well. This is why they offer a set of unique features.

In the case of Christian Mingle, the unique features are LookBook, Messaging+, and Discovery Preference. 

LookBook is a swipe feature that allows you to view a profile at a time and anonymously. You liked a profile just click the heart button. 

With Messaging+, you can send messages without any restrictions. Discovery Preferences is here to find out the ideal match easily. 

The offerings of eHarmony are more when unique features are concerned. You will have to ‘Send a smile’ feature that will allow you to show your interest in a profile instantly. ‘Send questions’ is the ice-breaker. It will send an automated question to start a conversation. 

Add to Favorites can be used to add any profile to the favorites. What If feature gives you instant 30 extra matches. So, you will have more options to consider. Video Date is an interesting feature that will allow you to meet your interests over a video call. Before meeting anyone in person, this feature will help you know your interest a little more. 

Winner – We find the offerings of eHarmony more interesting and beneficial.


Money can’t be ignored when we are reviewing any app or solution. So, the next thing that we will discuss is how much is Christian Mingle vs eHarmony. 

Christian Mingle is not a pocket–friendly option. It will help you for sure but at a high price. If you want to use its paid services then you have three options. For one month, you need to spend 49.99 USD. The cost increase to 104.97 USD for three months and 149.94 USD for 6 months. 

eHarmony does work like other online dating apps. It offers its subscription for 6 months to reduce the odd of fake profiles. Its subscriptions cost are 59.90 USD for 6 months, 35.90 USD for 12 months, and 25.90 USD for 24 months. 

Winner – The winner of the cost of Christian Mingle vs eHarmony war front is eHarmony as it is easy on the pocket for sure. 

Help & Support

Though online dating is effortless, professional help is always needed and welcomed. 

Hence, any dating website must pay attention to its customer care support. Both these apps have kept their customer care support limited to email contact. There is no live chat support or phone number. So, basically, they both are very average when it comes to providing help & support to their users.

Winner – None as no one takes this aspect seriously.

The Final Verdict

Christian Mingle and eHarmony, both are pro and know what all it takes to perfect the job. So, deciding the winner would be tough. The boils go down to the preference of the user.

If you are interested in a particular religion and looking for serious relations then Christian Mingle is the right choice.

eHarmony is for everything related to online dating. Use it for casual dating or flirting. It is fun and quirky. This is the main difference between Christian Mingle and eHarmony. 

So to sum it all up, you are the decision-maker. One thing is sure that you won’t be disappointed at all.