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Online dating for LGBT people is just starting to bloom. More and more dating websites include people from different backgrounds and sexual orientations. Finding a date using an online dating platform has never been easier.. 

However, LGBT online dating may not be the most comfortable experience. People are still adjusting to the fact that it is normal to like whoever you want. Some users are judgemental on various dating websites, which can create an uncomfortable experience for LGBT people. Many people have reported that they have had negative experiences with dating apps. 

We present some of the best dating sites for LGBT people. All of these websites are inclusive and are LGBT-friendly dating sites. Let’s look at some of the sites you can use without being judged.


Kismia is one of the best online dating sites for LGBT people. This website is international and allows you to meet different people worldwide. The website’s creators understand that all people deserve to be loved and want to ensure everyone can find the type of relationship they are looking for quickly.

Kismia is an LGBT dating site where you can be your true self without being judged. The website’s support team is always available, and you can always report if someone is making you uncomfortable. Aside from that, Kismia offers excellent in-app features, such as premade ice-breakers that can get the conversation going. lgbt dating site

Jolly is a website that supports people of all ages and sexual orientations. Everyone is welcome to use it to find a partner. This website is also an LGBT dating website for single people who want to start dating online. Several million people are currently using this app from all over the world. 

However, this website is not free of charge; you can’t do much with a free account. To experience the website’s full glory, you must pay for a premium membership. You will get more visibility and, ultimately, more dates. You can also block anyone making you uncomfortable in seconds.

Grindr dating site

Grindr is one of the top LGBT dating websites. It caters to the LGBT community because the creators know how difficult it can be to find a date on mainstream dating apps. You can use this website to meet like-minded people and eventually get a date. 

Grindr has created an Unlimited option where you can unlock many excellent features. With Grindr Unlimited, you can see who has viewed your profile, unsend messages, and see unlimited profiles daily. This premium membership will surely make the online dating experience easier for you.

Online Dating Site tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular LGBT websites; it accepts everyone and treats them equally. It has an extensive network of users and enables you to meet local singles quickly. Although many users search for casual partners, the app is also excellent for relationship-minded people.

Tinder is improving daily because its developers want to enhance its user experience. You can use the free-of-charge version of this app, which allows you to send texts and match with people. However, the possibilities are limited; you must pay for a premium account if you want to video chat on Tinder. 


Online dating experiences for LGBT people can sometimes get uncomfortable. Many people have experienced online abuse and are scared to start their online dating journey. Nowadays, most people fully support the LGBTQ+ community, but some don’t. People are still adjusting to the fact that being different is normal.

We have prepared some of the best apps that are LGBT-friendly. All of these websites offer people a chance to find a date online. In the modern world, you can do most things online, and dating is one of them. So, why not give everyone a chance? 

Moreover, all of the previously mentioned websites have extensive networks of users; you will be able to find the perfect person for yourself if you start using these apps. 


How can I discover whether someone is LGBT?

Finding out someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t have to be that overwhelming and confusing. Many people will ask directly, and you can do that, too. However, if you want to be more discreet, you can ask them questions like “What type of people do you like?” It is more challenging to determine it online because you can watch someone’s behavior in person. Additionally, many people will point out that they are LGBT in their bios on dating apps. 

What should I do when someone is rude to me on a dating website?

If someone makes you feel uncomfortable on any dating website, block them. The websites above have a well-developed support network that will help you whenever you need it. You should report any abusive behavior to the support team. 

I don’t know if I am LGBT; what should I do?

People who are still unsure of their sexual orientation tend to explore. That is when online dating websites come into play. You can start dating someone and see whether you like being with that person. The journey to self-discovery may take some time, so be patient with yourself. 

How can I keep the conversation going with someone who is LGBT?

Whenever you feel like the conversation is dying out, you can always ask the person you are talking to something about their journey. You will get to know each other through your discovery stories.