Average rating34
Member base– 350,000 weekly logins
– 20% man and 80% women
– 30-40 years
– 3,000,000 daily logins
– 55% man and 45% women
– 25-50 years
Prevailing relationship formatThe majority of users are in serious relationships and marriage.Perfect for singles looking for serious relationships.
Mobile appNoYes
Customer supportThe site has a help desk which usually takes 16 hours to resolve issues.Email available Mon-Fri 08:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.
What’s included in free & paid versions?Free:
– Users can create a profile.
– Full profile viewing.
– Access to who has viewed your profile.
– Visible profile pictures.
– Allows users to post up to 30 photos.
– Sending and receiving messages.
– Ability to add other users to your favorite list and be added as well.
– Professional writers to help you fill out your profile.
– Nameplate highlights.
– Access to who flirted with you
– Extensive search filters.
– Ability to view profiles.
– Users can see who is online and activity status.
– Send/receive likes.
– Profile creation.
– Sending and receiving messages.
– Access to who viewed your profile.
– Users can browse in incognito mode.
– Match Me feature.
– A chatroom where members can converse.
Prices– One month/ $39.99
– Three months $64.99
– Six months at $74.94
Premium plan:
– Three months / $44.97
– Six months / $68.94
– Twelve months / $107.88
Standard plan:
– Three months / $38.97
– Six months / $54.94
– Twelve months / $ 95.88
Top highlights/unique features– Users can see who viewed their profile.
– Personality assessment to see how you fit with other personality types.
– The platform accepts mail-in-order as a payment option
– Video date – it allows virtual dates between users.
– Vibe check – this feature is only available for members who have been matched and have been conversing.
– Voice calls


Match was first created in 1993 to cater to singles looking for a long-term relationship. The dating website is known for its high member count and rapid response time between users. 

On the other hand, Сhemistry is a relatively new dating website in the market; it was launched in 2005. It’s perfect for singles aged between 30-40 looking for serious relationships and marriage.

Let’s have a little look at Chemistry vs. Match reviews to choose the most suitable one.

Ease of use + Design/Layout

Unfortunately, Chemistry doesn’t have an app, so users are restricted to its website. The site is functional and straightforward, allowing users to access it easily. Match users get to choose between using the dating website’s official page or their app, available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Both apps have a simple and easy-to-use layout using bold colors such as white and blue. The use of color psychology is prominent in both platforms to evoke emotions.

The two dating websites do not offer complex and intricate designs. They achieve their goal through simplicity and functionality. However, Chemistry’s website layout takes the win in this category.

Winner: Chemistry.

Chemistry review

Sign up Process

Registering at Chemistry is relatively easy; they do not ask for a lot of personal information. Instead, they ask about your birthday, email address, and zip code. Nevertheless, the platform subjects its members to a rigorous personality assessment, which is the dating website’s foundation. This test serves as the basis for the kind of users you will be matched with in the future.

Users can also choose to skip the personality test altogether. On the other hand, Match has a more effortless approach to creating a profile. The dating website comes equipped with a profile builder to help users make the best profile, guaranteed to get the most suitable matches.

Users have to fill out personal information such as birthday and sexual orientation, then proceed to the profile builder to help set up a fitting profile. Match’s registration process is straightforward and doesn’t require verification. Users can log in anytime within the app or website.

Winner: Match.

Profile Settings + Search Filters

Chemistry offers users a range of filters to choose from, such as age and ethnicity. The search bar is customizable, allowing members to conduct searches on all members or just those who are online.

Profile pictures are visible to users, even those using the free version. This means that all profiles are visible. Since Chemistry doesn’t require much personal data, users are guaranteed some privacy.

Match has a profile builder that handles most of the profile setup. Instead, the online builder fills out personal information such as height and body build for the users. The platform also has various search filters such as gender and looks to help users customize their searches.

Winner: Match.

Matches Quality + Success Rate

Match has a success rate of over 100,000 marriages from over 40 countries. The dating website allows users to interact with features such as Likes and Highlight Profile which bring you closer to meeting your match.

The platform also has the “reverse match” feature, which creates a list of those who aren’t compatible with the users. Members are free to control how and when they match with others.

Chemistry also allows users to customize their dating experience using a wide range of filters on the search bar. Users can use the Flirt feature or the Message ideas to communicate their interest to other members. There is even a chatroom where users can message one another directly. Unfortunately, Chemistry doesn’t have any definitive numbers in terms of success rate.

Winner: Match.

Match interface

Reliability and Safety

When it comes to safety, Chemistry pulls out all the stops. The dating platform has guidelines that users must follow during a profile setup. These include:

  • No photos of members engaging in illegal acts like drug use.
  • No sharing of personal information such as job address or personal IDs.
  • No images of members using offensive hand gestures.

The dating site also offers personal safety tips on its website. They are all about guaranteeing their members’ safety.

Match also offers dating tips on its official website and application. The platform also gives users a Satisfaction Guarantee. The policy provides six months of free dating if they fail to find a match within the duration of their membership. However, the guarantee is reserved for customers subscribed to a six-month plan.

Match wins this category due to its dedication to members’ safety and reliability through the Satisfaction Guarantee.

Winner: Match.

Unique Features

There are many differences between Match and Chemistry when it comes to this category. Chemistry offers users features such as:

  1. Personality assessments.
  2. Access to who has viewed your profile.
  3. Logging out users after several minutes of idle time.
  4. Ability to see user profiles.
  5. Safety tips and articles.

This is in contrast to Match, which has the following special features:

  1. Reverse matches.
  2. Likes. (A list of those the user liked and those that like them)
  3. Voice Calls.
  4. A Satisfaction Guarantee policy
  5. Video dates.

In terms of functionality and uniqueness, Match takes home the crown. The platform offers users various features to connect while guaranteeing the success of their dating efforts through its Satisfaction Guarantee.

Winner: Match.

Match dating Unique Features


Chemistry offers users affordable rates while providing an array of features. Below is their payment plan.

  • 1 month =$34.99
  • 3 months = $64.99
  • 6 months = $74.94.

On the flip side, Match offers two membership packages: premium and standard.

Premium plan

  1. Three months / $44.97
  2. Six months/ $68.94
  3. Twelve months / $107.88

Standard plan

  1. Three months / $38.97
  2. Six months / $54.94
  3. Twelve months / $95.88

Chemistry wins by a slight margin; however, Match dominates when it comes to diversity. Match allows users to choose between plans, although their prices are on the higher side, compared to Chemistry.

Winner: Chemistry.

Help and Support

Chemistry support provides members with a help desk to present their concerns; it usually takes 16 hours to address issues. In contrast, Match offers users an email hotline, available on Mondays to Fridays from 08:00-5:00 pm.

Winner: Match.


Both dating apps are relatively successful; they are preferred by users looking for a long-term relationship. Chemistry offers both affordability and a range of features to help members find their perfect match.

Similarly, Match is affordable and comes equipped with a profile builder to help users personalize their profiles to meet the right ones. If you’re looking for serious relationships that lead to marriage, then these two dating websites are the places to be.