Hinge Bumble 
Average Rating4.5 4.0 
Member Base – 500,000 members from the USA and 90,000 daily logins
– Gender ratio: 55% men, 45% women
– Users’ age range: 24-32
– 11,000,000 Members and 700,000 new members per month
– Gender ratio: 40% men, 60% women
– Users’ age range: the mid-20s to mid 30s age range
Prevailing relationship formatSerious long term relationshipsIt is mostly used by members who are looking for a date, a relationship, find social networks, or meet friends online.
Mobile App Yes Yes 
Customer support You can find on this link below answers for your questions: https://hinge.co/contact You can contact with them by email: [email protected] 
Price $10.99 for one month $24.99 for one month 
Highlighted Features 10 daily likes to sendBumble BFF and Bumble Biz
Facilities in Free Version App download, profile set-up, messages, and filters for gender, and other factors. App download, profile set-up, messages, etc.
Facilities in Paid Version Unlimited likes and comments, adding video content, and data driven dating advice Bumble Boost 

It is a 21st century and finding a partner is as easy as clapping. You can end-up finding a soul mate over a single right swipe. All thanks to the online websites. They are nothing but a blessing for all singles out there. 

But, you are going to experience all this only if you are using the right option. There are tons of online dating websites in the market and this is a matter of concern for singles, desperate to find a partner. 

Finding the right dating app is more tedious than finding the right partner. This is why we have decided to help our readers. We assigned our experts to carry out extensive research on Hinge and Bumble. These two are making news in the world of online dating apps. 

While you may read user reviews on Hinge vs Bumble in both apps, only an expert review could help you choose the right dating platform.

So, here is a detailed review on Hinge vs Bumble. Those who have a time shortage can review the above-mentioned table.

After you have understood the difference between Hinge and Bumble, let’s provide details on them separately to you.

Hinge – Made For Millennials

After the recent re-launch, Hinge has come-up as a revolutionary dating app. Well, calling it a relationship app would be apt as it focuses on building long-lasting relationships. It was launched in 2012 and since then it is going strong. 

Causal dating has given the last preference. In fact, its slogan says, “Designed to get deleted”. It means that it would be happy if someone finds a soulmate on Hinge and then delete the app. 

Isn’t it such a sweet gesture? 

Yes, it is. It is a little different from other virtual relationship websites. Hinge lets you know your social media connections or contacts at a deeper level. 

Bumble – It Comes From Venus

The brain behind Bumble is a woman who was once a core member of Tinder’s creative team. Here, women’s choices, desires, and preferences are kept at pivotal. We won’t a single minute to conclude that is the only online dating website where women are in charge. It came into being in 2014 and most of its members belong to the 25-35 age group. 

Unlike the rest of other online dating apps where men make the first move, Bumble lets women decide with whom they want to strike a conversation. Men can only have a profile. It is a casual dating app that can be used to stay connected with an old friend and even make a business connection. 

So, calling it a social networking app rather than a dating app would be apt. 

Now, let’s move ahead to figure out more details on Hinge vs Bumble for men and women, willing to find their love online.

Ease of use + Design/Layout – Which One Is Not a Headache

You must pick an online dating app that is easy to use. A complex process and bugged performance will ruin all the interest and fun. In terms of design and usability, the Bumble dating site is really just great. The primary colors on the site are beautiful but not overly vibrant, and the layout is simple and user-friendly. With every function just a tap away, it is very easy to navigate to use, even for non-tech savvy people.

The design aesthetics of the Hinge mobile app is very attractive to the younger generation of users from all over the world. The use of bright colors and a clear interface is intended to remind users that the ultimate goal of this site is to find a friend or a date.

All functions on the Hinge website are accessible through the main interface of the application. Since the site interface is very intuitive, it is easy to use.

Gladly, we found both Bumble and Hinge effortless. The design is simplified and the layout is clutter-free. Navigating through the app is an easy job in both apps.

Winner – It’s a tie. 

Sign up Process – Which One a Downhill Experience?

We must admit that setting up a Hinge profile is quite a task. One has to complete multiple steps before completing the profile.

A lot of personal information should be disclosed including religious views and job titles. There are ice-breaker questions as well. There is a step-by-step instruction explaining the sign-up process.

On the other hand, Bumble’s sign-up process is super quick. It will hardly take 2-minutes. But, you won’t be able to have a detailed profile. The profile includes images and few basic details. 

Winner – If time is concerned, Bumble wins. 

bumble review

Profile Settings + Search Filters – Which Is Thorough In the Process?

Profiles on Hinge are more detailed and offer multiple settings to make the profiles more robust. There is a wide range of filters to choose from. Using those filters, you can narrow down the search results.

Bumble is not that much extensive in profile settings. All information is displayed to everyone. Filters are very basic.

Winner – Hinge is more stringent about the filters and profile designing.

Matches Quality + Success Rate – How Lucky You Could Be

If we talk about how many users does hinge.co vs bumble.com have, Bumble’s user base is bigger without a doubt. However, user count cannot be the only criteria to forecast success rate.

Hinge uses the roulette-type display of matches. As profiles are completely filled, you will get more accurate matches. Its algorithm is quick and delivers suitable results. The written prompts are insightful and show the true personality of a person up to great extent.

Bumble’s profiles are not very much detailed. The majority of the information is visible. The inputs are superficial and don’t help to know a person from the core. 

Winner – We think Hinge will find you a soulmate easily. 

Reliability and Safety – Which One Is a Safe Place?

Let’s admit it; being on an online dating app is not always a pleasant experience. Fake profiles, perverts, or psych personalities are there. This is why it is important to find out which app takes stringent measures against all these flaws.

Hinge uses phone verification to verify the profiles. This ensures one profile per phone number. Also, it lets you decide which information should be public and which shouldn’t be.

Bumble has taken the issues of fake profiles seriously and tried to keep them as low as possible. 

To make this happen, Bumble asks every new user to upload an image copying the action shown in an image. It is a novel step and has kept the numbers of fake profiles on the lower side.

Winner – We checked both the platforms and find out that there is a fewer number of fake profiles on Hinge. So, Hinge is a winner.

Unique Features – Which One Is Exceptional?

Surviving in today’s competitive world is tough. This is why every dating website tries to offer unique features. Hinge and Bumble are also included in the list.

Hinge’s unique features are Most Compatible and We Compatible. The most Compatible feature helps you find out the ideal match. We Met lets you rate your meeting experience.

The offerings of Bumble are also impressive. You will have BackTracks that allow you to make the wrong swipes right, Beeline lets you contact the users who have already shown interest in you.

With the Rematch feature, you can get in touch with an expired match. Bumble gives woman only 24-hours to respond. It can be a bit hectic for some. Using the Busy Bee feature, you can extend this time limit.

Winner – We declare Bumble as a winner because it has more special features, and they all make the Bumble experience more enriched.

bumble Unique Features

Pricing – how much is Hinge Vs Bumble?

The next thing that we are going to cover in this review is the cost of Hinge vs Bumble. How can we overlook the money part? Whether you are dating online or offline, expenses are there for sure. 

Most of the virtual dating platforms are freemium services. They offer both free and paid versions. While free versions you nothing and have limited offerings, paid versions are most feature-rich. 

Hinge and Bumble are no exceptions as well. You will enjoy both free and paid facilities on these dating websites. 

With free versions of both the apps, you can easily get a mobile app, set up a detailed profile, start finding a match, and even send messages to mutual connections. 

Hinge has three subscriptions that start with $10.99 for one-month. The longer is your membership, the cost-effective it would be for you. For instance, the three-month subscription to Hinge will cost you $6.99 per month. The same sort of experience will cost you $4.99 per month if you go for its six-month subscription. 

Every new user will have the facility to enjoy the full app experience absolutely free for a three month. It is a really very good deal. 

Bumble has four kinds of subscriptions. The basic one starts with $8.99 for a one-week subscription. Its one-month subscription will cost you $24.99 while a three-month subscription is $16.66. A six-month subscription is the most cost-effective option. You have to spend $13.33 for six months.

Bumble accepts payments via mobile, PayPal, and credit card. Payment processing is simple and quick. 

Winner – Hinge is the winner at this front as it is cost-effective and offers a free trial period. 

Help & Support – Do They Really Care About You?

It is said to know that no matter how effective or helpful a dating app sounds, it fails to provide responsive customer support. Most of them consider offering an email-based support system more than enough.

Hinge and Bumble follow the trend blindly. There is no phone-based or live chat support available in both dating apps. 

You have only an email address. We tried contacting them via email and the response was slow. So, they both fail a bit of time.

Winner – We have no winner as both the dating website haven’t recognized the worth of responsive customer support. Live chat support is a must.

And The Trophy Goes To…

Hinge and Bumble are two top contenders and they both come with a fair share of pluses and minuses. If you are serious about having a relationship then Hinge is a great option. The profiles are robust and amazing. The odds of finding long-lasting relationships are higher here.

Bumble is more of a connection-making option. Most of the users are looking for a casual network. While both are great at their job, our hearts roots for Hinge, especially after its recent makeover. 

However, Bumble is a great place for women to have harmless flirting and much hassle-free online dating experience. So, in Hinge vs Bumble for women, Bumble will be a better option.

Considering everything we discussed above, you can make the final choice.