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Older dating for people well in their 50s sometimes causes many obstacles to go through to be successful. Luckily, mature online dating for senior singles 50 plus breaks the boundaries and gives a dose of confidence when trying to meet and date someone. 

Online dating for seniors over 50 is a phenomenon that gives wings even to the elderly without any hope of having a fresh start. Now, you must wonder how popular senior dating for singles over 50 is?

If you’re one of the respected seniors in their 50s looking to try senior online dating at 50 plus and start a new life, dating websites for seniors over 50 might be the best solution to get you where you want to be. 

Top dating sites for seniors over 50 provide you with countless opportunities to meet and date someone in your age group. With that said, here’s our list of the best senior dating sites over 50 and why you should give them a chance to make you happy once again.

Best Senior Dating Sites Over 50

Benefits of senior dating sites

No matter how lonely you feel and consider yourself too old for dating, registering for online dating sites for seniors can boost your confidence and give you a chance for a fresh start to meet people. 

While these sites had a bad reputation in the past caused by misinformation, nowadays we see a different picture, and it’s quite normal to know people that use them daily. The internet made many things possible, and dating for seniors in their 50s is one of them experiencing a renaissance.

Now, everyone can feel comfortable creating a profile on dating sites and even talk about it openly to close friends and relatives without facing criticism. These sites use sophisticated algorithms to help you meet local singles in your area, sharing similar desires and personalities.

The best dating sites in the business will make you go through a personality test to provide you with the best service possible when matching you with others. It won’t take a lot of time but will make your search much more efficient. 

Like anything else in life, even dating sites have their pros and cons when using them. Here are our key thoughts and the list of sites with the best reputation.

  • Improved chances of meeting a local senior for dating
  • A vast number of registered members
  • Different cultures, races, and sexual preferences
  • Efficient matching systems
  • Personalization of profile
  • Easy-to-navigate design
  • Fast sign up process
  • Fake profiles issue
  • Requires a monthly subscription to unlock all options


SeniorMatch is one of the best local dating sites on the market, specialized only in connecting seniors. With more than 260.000 registered members on this site, your chances to meet singles in your area are much higher after signing up.

Even if you’re not into dating at all and instead you’re looking for new people to make new friendships with, SeniorMatch combines years of experience to connect you with different folks ready to start a casual conversation at any time.

The only thing we think needs improvement is that this site doesn’t offer a mobile app to make browsing possible on your phones and tablets. Besides that, you would need a monthly subscription to unlock all the features.


Here’s another website designed solely for seniors in their 50s. With a smaller member base than in our previous mention, somewhere around 100,000, SilverSingles still has a good reputation for matching their members according to location and personality compatibility.

Here, you’ll meet like-minded people for both dating or casual conversations that could lead to lifetime friendships. SilverSingles use psychological matching to connect you only with people with similar personalities to help you find the best dating options with ease.

Compared to the previous site, SilverSingles has a mobile app you can download on any device. However, a monthly subscription applies in this case as well.


If you’re looking for relationship-minded people and want to avoid making casual friendships, SeniorFriendFinder is one of the best places to use your charm and start dating elderly singles.

Even though it’s hard to determine the exact number of registered members, our experience tells us that all members are quite responsive and approachable from the start- making you feel like there are quite a few. 

Besides connecting you with others, SeniorFriendFinder helps you by providing online dating tips if you feel like you’ve lost all your magic and need some advice. It might have been a while since you dated, or this is your first time trying online dating, so these dating tips can help you turn your luck for the better.

Unfortunately, this site doesn’t offer a mobile app, so you’re stuck with a browser version. To unlock the best features, you would also have to invest in a premium account.



If you prefer having a mobile app rather than using a browser version, Kismia is one of the best options for you. A site established 20 years ago now has a well-optimized mobile app to enhance your matching experience.

We added this site to our list for a good reason. Among so many popular options, Kimisa has one of the easiest-to-navigate designs- making online dating for senior people not so much involved in computer technologies easier.

Even if you lack computer skills, you can navigate this site without any problems to find members ready to engage in casual talk. 

However, like all other sites on this list, Kismia also requires a monthly subscription to get the full experience.


Dating sites for seniors well in their 50s already helped many when looking to find happiness by starting a new chapter in their lives. In some cases, they were the main cause for many successful love stories ending happily ever after.

Try your luck today by registering on any of these sites, and we guarantee you’ll be amazed by the results.


1. Are online dating sites for seniors trustworthy?

Even with some minor issues like fake accounts, there are no major concerns about using these sites. Register only on the best in the business, and you can feel comfortable on every step.

2. Is messaging free on these sites?

Unfortunately, most online dating sites for seniors will ask you for a monthly subscription to access the Live-chat option. 

3. Is a monthly subscription a good investment?

If you want to get the full experience and you’re ready to spend some money, you can choose one of the subscription packages you feel is compatible with your budget. Without it, it’s quite hard to find matches.

4. Are these sites safe?

Every interaction with these sites goes through the latest SSL protocols to ensure the communication between you and the servers stays encrypted.